The Seventh Cross

The Seventh Cross
Published: November 24th 2004 by David R. Godine Publisher (first published September 1942)
Author: Anna Seghers
Language English
Category: European Literature
Pages: 441 pages
Goodreads Rating: 3.87

Written in 1939, first published in 1942, a national bestseller and a 1943 BOMC Main Selection, The Seventh Cross presented a still doubtful, naive America a first-hand account of life in Hitler's Germany and of the horrors of the concentration camps. Seven men attempt an escape from Westhofen; the camp commander erects seven crosses, one for each. Only one, the young communist, Heisler, survives, not by cunning or superior skill, but through the complicity of a web of common citizens unwilling to bow to the Gestapo and forced to make decisions that will determine the character of their future lives.

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