McCade's Way

McCade's Way
ISBN: 9780989054935
Published: March 23rd 2013 by Wynwidyn Press, LLC (first published March 22nd 2013)
Author: Mara McBain
Language English
Category: Romance
Pages: 209 pages
Goodreads Rating: 3.75
Series The McCade Family #1

Trey McCade's never been the cuddly sort, but losing both parents and his wife in eighteen months, nearly rips his heart out. Bitter, he immerses himself in the family farm until practicality demands he look for a new wife. But Trey is understandably gun-shy and the local ladies are leery of the gruff giant.

On her own in depression-ravaged New York City, Genevieve Kelly has run out of options. Irish luck has graced her with ungainly height and bright copper hair, neither of which has potential suitors beating down her door. When the local priest says he knows a man in Virginia who is looking for a wife, she's skeptical. Yet a few letters later, Genevieve's on her way to wed a man she's never met. With the promise of a solid roof over her head and warm food in her belly, does she really need love too?

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