Ten (Lincoln Polk)

Ten (Lincoln Polk)
Published: August 8th 2014 by Authorhouse
Author: Rowan Hodge
Language English
Category: Uncategorized
Pages: 656 pages
Goodreads Rating: 4.92

Entertainment turns to horror across a long frozen winter. Ten episodes in ten cities. A new live-play detective show is sweeping the nation - a ratings sensation where terrible crimes play out on stage for audiences to solve. But someone else knows the script and is shadowing the show as it traverses the United States. While home viewers countdown ten fictional murder mysteries from their living rooms, the cross-country killer is collecting gruesome keepsakes.

When the FBI identifies a pattern involving three horrific crimes in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, Special Agent Lincoln Polk is assigned the case. This chase will push him to breaking point, testing loyalties and stirring memories buried in the past. Strap yourself in for an unrelenting rollercoaster ride through ten weeks of hell.

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