Star Light

Star Light
Published: January 12th 1978 by Del Rey Books (first published 1971)
Author: Hal Clement
Language English
Category: Science Fiction
Pages: 279 pages
Goodreads Rating: 3.37
Series Mesklin #3

Dhrawn was a giant rockball, more than 3,000 times the mass of Earth. Perhaps a planet, perhaps a nearly dead star, these 17 billion square miles of mystery cried out for investigation.

But its corrosive atmosphere and crushing gravity assured that no human would ever set foot on its surface. Those hardy, caterpillarlike Mesklinites, on the other hand, were ideally suited to explore Dhrawn, and their leader certainly knew a good deal when he saw one. So Barlennan, a shrewd sea captain if ever there was one, struck a sharp bargain with the Earthmen for his services in leading the expedition. But the humans might not have been so pleased with their side of the bargain, if they had known that Barlennan had plans of his own for Dhrawn....

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