Sky's Surrender (Cassiel Winters #2)

Sky's Surrender (Cassiel Winters #2)
Author: Lesley Young
Language English
Category: Science Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 5.0

Book One Spoiler Alert! Don't read on if you haven't finished Sky's End. *********** Cassiel’s learned a lot about herself. She’s discovered her déjà vus are actually portals to adjacent universes—and she can travel through them, making her a highly prized weapon in the fight between Earth’s space command and the Thell’eons, the fierce warrior species hell-bent on taking over. She’s also learned she has no control over her attraction to one particular Thell’eon, Prime Or’ic, who is set on making her his very own “sifter.” After rescuing her brother, the mighty Horde leader gave her a device—a doorway straight back to him. Only one problem with using it: his rules apply. While Earth’s preparing for a Thell’eon attack, Cassiel knows better. The real threat, which she has sworn to keep secret, is an army of immortals led by the seemingly invincible Lochmore. And the only way to stop his quest to end all universes is to find the mysterious ‘Quintom’—whatever that is—before he does.

Even bigger problem there: Cassiel can’t do it alone. So where will she turn for help? Her devoted and mysterious soon-to-be lover, Lt. Damian King, who seems to place Earth’s space command above all else? Or Prime Or’ic, who is as arrogant as he is alluring. Or wait…could there be another, even riskier option? Don’t miss the electrifying sequel to Sky’s End. In Sky’s Surrender, Cassiel faces a devastating betrayal that changes everything.

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