Private Love in a Public Place (Private Love, #1)

Private Love in a Public Place (Private Love, #1)
ISBN: 9780473218
Published: August 28th 2012 by Apeople Publishing
Author: Toni Kenyon
Language English
Category: Romance
Pages: 214 pages
Goodreads Rating: 3.67
Series Private Love #1

Mags O'Brien lives on the alcohol-soaked, drug-enhanced concert circuit, managing out-of-control rocker Julian MacAvoy. She helps him spread his musical gospel to his adoring followers, despite the fast-spinning turnstile on his bedroom door, and the broken hearts he leaves in his wake. Mags believes she’s immune to Julian’s magnetic personality but when controversy hits the tour, she finds herself in danger of falling at his feet, slave to his appetites and her own desire and need. Julian refuses to be tamed, but the pressure of the ravenous crowds clamps tighter and tighter around him. His chaotic world starts to crumble when he realizes his motivation to continue touring comes from an unobtainable woman. Can he force her to make the agonizing choice between himself and her estranged husband? An erotic and candid look at life on the road.

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