Pegasus in Space (The Talent, #3)

Pegasus in Space (The Talent, #3)
Published: February 27th 2001 by Del Rey (first published January 1st 2000)
Author: Anne McCaffrey
Language English
Category: Science Fiction
Pages: 448 pages
Goodreads Rating: 4.1
Series The Talent #3, The Talents Universe #3

In a triumphant career spanning more than thirty years, Anne McCaffrey has won the devotion of millions of fans. Now she has written the exciting and long-awaited addition to her classic Pegasus series--and the perfect link to her bestselling Rowan saga . . . For an overpopulated Earth whose resources are strained to the breaking point, there is only one place to look for relief: straight up.

With the successful completion of the Padrugoi Space Station, humanity has at last achieved its first large-scale permanent presence in space. But there are those who, for motives of their own, want Padrugoi to fail. Standing in their way are the Talented, men and women gifted with extraordinary mental powers that have made them as feared as they are respected--and utterly indispensable to the colonization effort. Now, as sabotage and attempted murder strike the Station, it's up to the Talented to save the day. Only who is going to save the Talented? Pegasus in Space is the tale of Peter Reidinger, first Tower Prime!

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