Published: September 2016 by Amazon Digital Services LLC (first published August 25th 2015)
Author: Karin Bishop
Language English
Category: Lgbt
Pages: 352 pages
Goodreads Rating: 4.0

This is an alternate cover edition - ASIN: B014H01N3Q Fifteen-year-old Mike Hollander is drifting in his life. He doesn’t feel strongly about anything; he doesn’t really feel anything much. Not like his best friend Mark Thompson, who perhaps feels things too strongly. But Mike considers himself just a regular guy; nothing special. Then their high school announces an Opposite Day, where students can come dressed as the opposite of what they are—nerds can be jocks, jocks can be nerds, and so on. Mark has an idea: Since he and Mike are just regular guys, they should do the opposite and show up as regular girls. Nothing special.

Mike is reluctant but with the help of two girls, Mark and Mike get the clothes to become two regular girls—and it would just be for Opposite Day, right? And then everything would go back to the way it was, right? Mark sails through happily but Mike is troubled, tied up in knots. The whole ‘regular girl’ thing—why did it feel almost … normal? But his definition of ‘normal’ is rocked as his own normal world comes apart.

His father seems to be somebody completely different from the man Mike had known. And then Mike learns that his parents’ marriage is disintegrating. And then Mark isn’t spending time with Mike anymore. And now everything seems so opposite to the way it was … A Transgender Young Adult book by Karin Bishop.

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