Forever Kind of Guy

Forever Kind of Guy
Published: October 4th 2013 by Hot Ink Press (first published October 3rd 2013)
Author: Khelsey Jackson
Category: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 3.4

Gretchen Elliot wasn’t looking for love, she’d had enough of ‘love’ to last her a life time. All she wanted was a little fun and a good time, and she’d found it in one passionate night with Claus. Now with her divorce about to be final, Gretchen can’t help but think back to that amazing night with that amazing man. Too bad they’d promised never to contact each other again. A Chance encounter… Stefan Romano never imagined that he would meet the woman who’d been haunting his dreams again, let alone arrest her for car theft. Now he can’t wait to get her beneath the sheets again. He just hopes he can keep her there this time, while fooling himself into believing he’s not a forever kind of guy. Can two people not looking for love, avoid falling for each other and keep things on a no strings attached level? Gretchen and Stefan believe they can…

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