Fight for Liberty: Book Three in the Liberty Trilogy

Fight for Liberty: Book Three in the Liberty Trilogy
Published: July 4th 2016 by Silver Fire Publishing
Author: Theresa Linden
Category: Uncategorized
Pages: 276 pages
Goodreads Rating: 4.57
Series Chasing Liberty #3.0

"He has sent me set at liberty those who are oppressed..." In the final book of the Liberty dystopian trilogy, Liberty has gained a deeper understanding of true freedom, but having it for herself is not enough. Prompted by the inner voice that has guided her for years, Liberty is compelled to bring the freedom she possesses to others in Aldonia.

While unsure of how to carry out this mission, she is willing to risk all to accomplish it. Threats from outside the Boundary Fence and threats closer to home cause chaos and confusion that have everyone unsure of what direction to take. Troubled by Liberty's risky choices, Dedrick wishes he could convince her to leave for the colonies.

But Liberty has chosen Aldonia over him. When faith, family, and freedom have been squashed, what can one person or even a group do to reclaim the culture?

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