Enslaved till death

Enslaved till death
Published: 2015 by Katrina Stephens
Author: Katrina Stephens
Language English
Category: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 2.5

The World is now run by vampires. The vampire race now consists 60% of the world population. They have taken rule over the world we once called home, governed all in agreement to never turn a single soul for the risk of their survival in the future, which relies solely on the supply of human blood.

Vampires have evolved, no longer are they sensitive to daylight or entryways to homes - Vampires live an almost normal life except for the craving of human blood. They live like kings and queens through their acquisition of lavish properties and cars of millionaires.

Captured and locked in cells never to see the light of day again. Humans are forced to donate blood every week like people would for medical reasons, which is then packaged and distributed to the vampires.

Many have become accustomed to the routine and the life they now live. Resisting to fight they now go willingly to donate, knowing they will be given food and as the vampires enforce "with respect over time you will find your place and have the opportunity to serve us and yourselves, soon you'll fit into this mechanism and have a job - from cleaning and washing, and working the land if you are lucky to name a few". A life enslaved till death to serve as the food source to the vampire race. It seemed as though every person would have a place in this new formed way of society, but for some reason I knew I wouldn't fit in. I was alone in this world and the life I once knew was gone. This story is a mashup of: Death/Vampires/Curses/YA/Chick-Lit READ NOW online on Wattpad (story in development)...


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