Deadly Secrets (Deadly Sugar #1.5)

Deadly Secrets (Deadly Sugar #1.5)
Published: October 10th 2015
Author: Ofelia Gränd
Category: Uncategorized
Pages: 25 pages
Goodreads Rating: 4.71
Series Deadly Sugar #1.5

Secrets have a way of finding their way out. For five years Josh and Jett have been living happily in their big house in the country. They’ve started the family Jett always dreamed of, and everything seems perfect. Everything but the feeling Josh has about not being allowed into the garden.

With Jett out of the house for the day no one can tell him not to go opening doors that shouldn’t be opened. ***Deadly Secrets - A Hidden Chapter is a bonus short story available as a free download with the purchase of Deadly Sugar by Ofelia Gränd or Buried Desires - a horror double feature. ***

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