Brutal Passions

Brutal Passions
Published: (first published August 4th 2013)
Author: J.E. Keep, M. Keep
Language English
Category: Adult Fiction
Pages: 76 pages
Goodreads Rating: 4.0

“You don’t take it easy on a fella, do you?” Ruki’s powerful. Strong.

And she's on an adventure of her very own, seeking out greatness and tales worthy of song. She thirsts for glory, and when she stumbles upon a pretty young man in the wreckage of a caravan, it's the beginning of the biggest challenge in her life. Can she save the boy or will she instead be tempted by the muscle-bound dragon-warrior that's in pursuit of him? ~~Excerpt~~ A deep, rumbling growl emanated from his chest, and she could feel it thrum the very air between them. He edged towards her just barely, letting the blade press to his neck a bit further, unconcerned with it. “I want my revenge,” he husked in his gravelly voice, though the desire in his gaze was unmistakable. It was as obvious as the ripped muscle and sinew on his frame that made him such a stunning male. “What if I keep you pinned and the orcs take that pleasure from you?” she growled back, her voice lowering and sounding borderline seductive. “It’ll take more than this to keep me pinned,” he said with a snarl that reeked of his own husky desire. Reaching up, he pressed the back of his hand to the spear and pushed it away. She pressed in harder and it became a contest of strength for a moment, but she wasn’t in it to win it, and he quickly had it off him. Instead of renewing the fight or pushing past her, however, he dropped his own weapons and went for her. The two mountainous warriors grappled, with his strong hands on her. Though this time he came at her not with intent to harm, but to have. The harm would be incidental.

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