Published: February 21st 2015 by Never Did Point North Publishing
Author: K.S. Thomas, Karina Gioertz
Language English
Category: Death
Goodreads Rating: 4.48

Esi is young, beautiful and smart. She's got it all...and then some, but it's not what you'd expect. Seven years after fate has her colliding - literally - with the man of her dreams, the two finally find themselves walking down the aisle.

The day couldn't be more perfect. For one shining moment in time, she has it all. Then a tragic accident changes everything. Getting married was supposed to be the final touch on their already blissful relationship, but after the car crash, nothing seems right anymore.

Soon after they get home from the hospital, Esi discovers she's pregnant. However, after the extensive damages her heart has endured from the night of the traumatic wreck, this miracle of life brings with it the reality of death. Now Esi and Carter both have to face facts. Someone might not survive. While ever after may not be as happy as Esi has always hoped, she's learning to appreciate the beauty in strength and surviving, and finding that love, no matter how true or how complete, sometimes is simply 'bittersweet'.

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