Published: June 17th 2011 by Fantasy Island Book Publishing
Author: Patty Sarro
Language English
Category: Paranormal
Goodreads Rating: 3.67

Guardian angels are all around us. They watch us, protect us, guide us and some even fall in love with us. And so begins the story of Nena Moore, the teenage girl beloved by an archangel, as she discovers the true meaning of pure and unconditional love. It's not that Nena Moore doesn't care about love, it's just that it's not convenient in her rundown, ghetto world filled with gangs, and an alcoholic mother. There is only one way of escaping it all: get a scholarship and move far away to Paris. But getting that scholarship is much easier than getting accustomed to her newly adopted country. France is filled with beauty, love, and mystery, especially when Nena meets Uri, a mysterious street artist who knows way too much about her. Nena finds herself attracted to Uri and despite her cautious nature; she falls head over heels in love with him. When Uri reveals his true identity and essence to Nena, he risks the fate of the world at the hands of his contemptuous brother, whose sole purpose is to punish mankind. As Nena continues being the pawn in their battle between good and evil, she can only pray that Heaven will send Uri and Its Angels to save her. BELOVED is a young adult paranormal story that follows a young girl's struggles with her own identity while battling the dark elements of the world in this Exorcist meets Twilight tale.

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