Baby Bargains

Baby Bargains
Published: October 18th 2010 by Windsor Peak Press (first published April 1st 1997)
Author: Denise Fields, Alan Fields
Language English
Category: Reference
Pages: 598 pages
Goodreads Rating: 4.16

Congratulations, you're expecting a baby What you may not be expecting is all of the requisite gear you "need" to look after your dear bundle. Fear not. Denise and Alan Fields, authors of Bridal Bargains, are here to tell you what's super and what's silly, and how to find it at the best price.

You'll learn all about how (and where) to shop for a crib and dresser (including how to get European styling at reasonable prices), what you need in bedding and what can be skipped (a hint: no baby requires the $200 quilt ), which clothing brands are safest and least expensive, and how to shop for monitors, toys, car seats, strollers, books, videos, and more. The authors have field-tested every major brand (and several of the minor ones), and they provide star ratings and annotations at the end of every chapter. A helpful feature in each chapter called "Wastes of Money" will steer you away from $65 Baby Air Jordans and frilly diaper stackers that match your bedding.

If that's not enough, they offer a money-back guarantee: If the book doesn't save you at least $250 in baby expenses, they'll refund the price of the book. Well researched and written in a witty and comfortable tone, Baby Bargains should be required reading for every safety - and money-conscious parent-to-be.

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