Apparition Lake

Apparition Lake
Published: June 27th 2014 by Creativia Publishing / Createspace (first published June 26th 2014)
Author: Doug Lamoreux, Daniel D. Lamoreux
Language English
Category: Horror
Pages: 274 pages
Goodreads Rating: 4.09

Something is terribly wrong in the nation's oldest national park. Horrific deaths have occurred throughout Yellowstone and everyone believes that a monstrous grizzly bear is on a rampage. Scientific evidence suggests another terrifying conclusion. For Chief Ranger Glenn Merrill, putting an end to the mysterious deaths is more than just his job, it is a mission that will take him to the brink of death and shatter the foundation of his beliefs. Apparition Lake plunges Glenn, his full-blooded Shoshone friend Johnny Two Ravens, and Jennifer Davies, an aggressive young biologist, into a world of Indian mysticism where mankind and nature struggle for control of Mother Earth. Apparition Lake races through its supernatural tale of an environment that has "had enough" and the Native American spirit it uses to mete out its revenge.

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