An Indecent Proposition (Indecent, #1)

An Indecent Proposition (Indecent, #1)
Published: March 29th 2013 by Moonlit Night Publishing (first published March 28th 2013)
Author: Stephanie Julian
Language English
Category: Erotica
Pages: 58 pages
Goodreads Rating: 3.7
Series Indecent Proposition #1, Indecent #1 part 1

Two men. One woman.

Half-a-million dollars. Keegan and Erik want one night with the beautiful Julianne, but both men have scars, physical and emotional. Neither can believe Julianne will agree to take their money to spend one night with them. But they can hope... Julianne has a mountain of debt and five-hundred-thousand dollars would go a long way toward clearing it and setting her up in a new life. All she has to do is sleep with a stranger. Make that two...

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