A Special Place: The Heart of a Dark Matter

A Special Place: The Heart of a Dark Matter
ISBN: 9781880325221
Published: 2009 by Borderlands Press
Author: Peter Straub
Language English
Category: Horror
Pages: 89 pages
Goodreads Rating: 3.37

A Special Place, Peter Straub's first published novella, will come to stand as one of the author's most deeply unsettling works of fiction. A rumination on the nature of evil, the story centers on a boy, Keith Hayward, who is drawn by his nature to an irresistible fascination with death and the taking of life. His father's brother, the good-looking suave Uncle Till - the infamous ladykiller, who has led a shadowy career as a local celebrity - recognizes his nephew's innermost nature and gleefully tutors him in the art of doing ill without getting caught. Even a cold-blooded sociopath must learn some lessons in survival, it seems and Uncle Till is only too happy to provide a tutorial, in the latest imaginative and disturbing work from one of America's most celebrated horror writers.

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