A Howl In The Night

A Howl In The Night
Published: May 24th 2011 by Self Published
Author: Jerry Brandon
Language English
Category: Mystery
Pages: 238 pages
Goodreads Rating: 4.03

After a hard life, Taser finally lands a safe home and a loving master in an upscale Scottsdale, Arizona neighborhood. When a woman is murdered on his street, this Black Labrador suddenly faces the loss of everything he's struggled a lifetime to gain. Taser must find the killer or return to the harsh world of the county dog pound. He's aided by his buddy, Meatloaf, and a colorful pack of neighborhood dogs. They struggle with their limited human vocabulary and a fractured knowledge of the world. Other obstacles include new alpha dog rivals, old deadly enemies, and a menacing coyote population from the adjacent Arizona desert. In the end, Taser must decide how much he can risk to save his world. This is a fun mystery narrated by the dogs, written for adults with a humorous tone and a love of animals and their quirks.

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