American Experience

American Experience
ISBN: 9789732330296
Published: 2013 by Editura Cartea Românească
Author: Andrei Dósa
Language Romanian
Category: Uncategorized
Pages: 64 pages
Goodreads Rating: 3.62

Poorly-made (only a few days in the book store and some pages are already flying) and overpriced edition. Otherwise, it is a pretty good volume, even though, I must admit, there is something about the poems that doesn't feel quite right to me. At times I have the impression that it's very "by the numbers" - fortunately, it's not another Ginsbergian or Bukowskian epigonic attempt, but it's still monochromatic, all about the alienation of work and of technology in a place of overwhelming "liberty". It does that, but it leaves me wanting something less "take it as it is" - I'm not talking only about the attitude, but also about the poems that look like sleek experiments done in a creative writing laboratory. "the gps shows a romanian city/zoom the outskirts/zoom the cemetery" - and look, a new rhetoric is born. For what it's worth, Dósa is more credible than other recent attempts of "minimalism", but this book feels limited and, paradoxically, with a feeble structure. Which means that, on a second attempt, he could make a much better "American Experience". This - just my opinion though.

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